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Anderson, Russell Edwin, “A Model For Implementing An Optimized Casino Degree Curriculum Inside The two-Year College” (1980). UNLV Retrospective Theses & Dissertations. Also shown were model variations for specialised applications and a comparability between proposed and current CCCC curriculum fashions; Recommendations included the development of assorted gaming certificates and degrees Further research on the potential of gaming applications in other institutions and locales, and a higher vocational/technical emphasis for CCCC. The study began with an summary of the gambling industry and the arrival of gaming curricula at numerous establishments of upper learning; The kickapoo lucky eagle casino winners model was developed using Bloom’s Taxonomy for course construction and Kalani’s Model for curricular framework. The data have been collected in (or ultimately converted to) UTM NAD 83. Over the course of the mission, our approach for accumulating site location knowledge in the field advanced significantly from level coordinate collection utilizing handheld GPS models to assortment using handheld computer systems operating ArcPad to collection using ruggedized GPS-enabled laptop computer computer systems operating ArcGIS. At a minimum the mapping gives a useful template for figuring out the location and extent of areas of best concern to engineers and land managers answerable for flood hazard evaluation and mitigation. Most often, mapping was performed using “heads-up” digitization on desktop computers.

A few of the basedata sources (described beneath) allowed for compilation of geologic linework at large scales (as much as 1:4000-scale), but mapping at this degree of element was not performed universally within the study area as a consequence of data availability points and fundamental logistical constraints on time. The 1:50,000-scale topographic base upon which the map is overlain was compiled from numerous digital sources that were derived from the 1:100,000-scale Mesquite Lake 30’ x 60’ USGS quadrangle. “It is essentially their ambition and glorious eye for emerging market potential that has enabled The first Group to excel and grow into the profitable firm that it is immediately. Whether you include a gaggle or with that special somebody, much more than your gaming wants can be fulfilled at WinStar World Casino and Resort! The maps and their underlying information will function a helpful information for addressing flood-hazard administration issues. I advised them: ‘Put in sports playing and you can pay off all of your debts on the Alabama-Auburn football recreation alone. They need to generate profits from gambling but without any correct preparation and expertise.

Casino resort executives understand information sharing, change resistance, and knowledge transfer main challenges of KM. Conventional concepts of floodplain administration (i.e., as associated to perennial streams) do not switch to desert piedmonts. With respect to floodplain management issues, the distinction between lively and inactive alluvial fans is of best and most instant relevance. Mapping emphasised the discrimination of lively alluvial and playa surfaces from relict, inactive surfaces for the purpose of growing a relative flood hazard characterization to supply a baseline bodily knowledge set to guide floodplain administration and extra detailed research related to hazard mitigation efforts in the area. Surficial geologic mapping focuses on the differentiation and delineation of largely unconsolidated sedimentary materials that comprise a surficial veneer over bedrock. Thus, describing, mapping and understanding the geomorphology and current geologic historical past of desert piedmonts is a vital part of understanding their flood hazard.

Ideally, the maps will assist planners understand the distribution of flood hazard circumstances in the valley and direct mitigation efforts and engineering research to areas with the highest potential for flooding. Access to each varieties of maps for any given space is clearly an advantage in land management purposes. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a vested interest in the characterization and management of piedmont flood hazards and the definition of alluvial fans and alluvial fan flooding. 1. Recognition and characterization of the alluvial fan landform. The sort of geologic map has minimal worth for flood-hazard characterization. The previously printed geologic map that accompanied the development of this report (House et al., 2006) depicts the distribution of geomorphic surfaces and their associated surficial sedimentary deposits. The first map (House et al., 2006) is the surficial geologic map of the examine space, and the second (House, 2007) is a qualitative flood hazard evaluation of the examine area (both at printed scale of 1:50,000). The seven remaining maps (House, 2006b by 2006h) are depictions of the flood hazard classifications on a sequence of 1:24,000-scale panels that cowl the complete examine space.